Giselle is in constant search to create visuals in between the boundaries of imagination and reality through photographic digital composites. She was self-taught in Adobe Photoshop by 14 years old, and as an early adopter has been using it for the past twenty years since version 5.0. The endless options Photoshop provided influenced her vision and opened her mind into seeing more than whats just there.


She found meaning in helping and guiding other women in their search for inner beauty and strength. Her focus is digital composites using symbolism and surrealism depicting women in day to day activities, she aims to inspire women to believe in themselves and be empowered, motivating them to reach their goals and find daily happiness.


Through her photography, her goal is to let the world know the below:


Love yourself for who you are and your inner beauty, this is what makes you remarkable!




Giselle is originally from Venezuela, studied Business with minor in Marketing, and post-graduate studies in Art History. She came to NYC in 2009 and completed a Master’s in Digital Photography at SVA. She currently lives in NYC and for the past 7 years has been working as a visual consultant assisting the top creative teams in the retail industry in best approaches for in-store visuals.




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