Giving back

The power of giving back, saving one life at a time.


Making the world a kinder place.

I strongly believe in the power of giving back, helping and promoting awareness of those that need it the most. By donating a percentage of the proceeds of all our products and services, we are committed to support efforts of established organizations that foster mother and baby care, safety, health, nutrition, education, growth & development, and attention.

Below is a list of foundations we partner with, starting with our very first one LATAM 🙂 . This list will gradually be populated as alliances are created. Feel free to browse around and support the mommies and babies of the world!

LATAM – Feeding Latin America: implements educational programs that develop change agents and empower future leaders that will generate positive impacts on society. LatamFDF supports humanitarian aid programs, which provide access to the basic needs that every individual deserves and establishes strategic alliances with non-profit organizations, creating innovative projects that improve the region. Visit the LATAM webpage here, or download this PDF file to read more about them here.